About us

One of the main activities of the Mission Salvation Foundation is to support refugees and asylum-seekers on the territory of Bulgaria. Through art and environmental learning and developing practical skills, the project is meant to help the participants to find their personal identity and to manage their own lives in the best way and the future of their children as well. The activities, that the project provides, are oriented in forwarding self-help and solidarity mechanisms, trainings and mutual aid groups.

There is a platform for a multicultural dialogue through concerts, public discussions and seminars, which will involve the society in a common cause for a better integration of the vulnerable people.


MISSION SALVATION Foundation has 8 special directions:

1. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY – try to make better connection between Bulgaria and international community in areas of economy and culture


  • Work in the prisons – daily visitations, meetings, seminars, educational programs
  • Social work with ex-prisoners – special meetings, care, legal consolations


  • Weekly meetings in the centers for refugees, educational programs, support
  • Special meetings for Farsi-speaking people

4. EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS – To develop better character and abilities in relationships and the purpose of life

  • In the prisons
  • MISSION Leader’s school


6. CHARITY CAMPAIGNS AND CONCERTS – Support for needy people or projects

  • Families with handicapped kids
  • Single moms and their kids
  • Prisoners and kids of the prisoners

7. DVOREC.BG – The Palace of happy people – Cultural and educational center for art, science, business, innovation and virtuousness – situated in residential area Mladost, Sofia

8. SOCIAL ASSISTANCE – Food, clothing, household appliances